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Public Meeting & AGM
agenda & minutes

Stay informed about Larkhall's vibrant community events! Find public meeting agendas and minutes for AGMs on our website. Join us as we come together to discuss important matters and make a positive impact in our community. Stay engaged and be part of the conversation.

Meeting Between Colleagues
Meeting Room

Public Meeting
11th February 2024

📢 Thank you, Larkhall community, for showing up and making our first public meeting a resounding success! Your enthusiasm and support truly made a difference. 🙌

📝 We understand that not everyone could attend, so we've got you covered! Here are the minutes from the meeting. Dive in and catch up on all the exciting ideas and discussions that took place. 🗒️✨

🌟 We believe in transparency and inclusivity, so we encourage everyone to read through the minutes and share your thoughts. Your voice matters, and together we can shape our community events into something truly extraordinary. 💬💡

Let's keep the momentum going! Stay tuned for more updates on future events that will bring us closer as a community. Together, we can achieve great things! ❤️ #LarkhallCommunityEvents #CommunityMatters

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